BMT Logistics

Important Tournament Information!

Important Dates


Registration Period

Price Per Student

T-Shirt Price

January 23, 2019 - March 23, 2019
Normal Registration
March 23, 2019 - March 30, 2019
Late Registration
April 07, 2019
Day of Tournament
* If available. Check during the lunch break on tournament day





8:00 - 9:00
Check In and Breakfast
Wheeler Hall
9:15 - 10:15
Power Round
10:30 - 11:10
Team Round
11:30 - 1:00
On Campus
1:20 - 2:20
Focus Rounds
Assigned Focus Rooms
2:20 - 3:50
Individual Round
Same As Focus Room
4:00 - 4:15
Tiebreakers for Focus Rounds
Barrows 126
4:00 - 5:30
5:15 - 5:30
Individual Round Tiebreakers
Barrows 126
5:30 - 6:30
Closing Ceremony
Memorial Glade (weather permitting)

General Information

Registration Policy

Coaches can sign up for an account with BMT first. Then, after signing up, they can view their portal which will contain information about current tournament signups and previous tournaments that they have attended. They may register teams in any of the current active tournaments during the time period between when registration opens, and the late registration deadline. Coaches may register up to 6 people per team .

Once registered, coaches must pay for each team through the portal by the normal registration deadline, March 23, 2019 , to be considered fully registered and in order to recieve their T-shirts. If they pay afterwards, they will automatically be charged the late registration fee. If they cannot make the late registration deadline, March 30, 2019 and would still like to come to the tournament, they must pay the day of tournament fee during tournament check in.

Once coaches have paid for a team, their ability to edit said team will be limited to basic team information, substitutions and focus round changes only. Any other changes that are to be made, must be made on the day of the tournament, potentially for extra charge, or by contacting us directly at


This semester we will not be offering a lunch purchase option through BMT, due to unpopularity and logistical concerns. There will be enough time for students to eat lunch during the provided lunch break. For a list of local restaurants see here. Breakfast, however will be provided and is included in the registration fee.


Each student must have a parent or guardian sign a waiver for them to come to BMT. There is a waiver upload portal as a part of the registration portal that coaches can access. Uploading waivers is the easiest way to deal with students on our end, but coaches may also bring waivers to the tournament to submit. To view the waiver form click here. For the activity, please put BMT 2019 and for the RSO tag, put "Math Tournament At Berkeley".


Graph paper and calculators are prohibited, but protractors and compasses are permitted. Blank white scratch paper will be provided for all participants.

  • All answers must be exact, reduced, and simplified. For more information, please look here.
  • We will not grade answers we cannot read.
  • We have a zero tolerance cheating policy, and failure to comply with all rules may result in immediate and irreversible disqualification.
Scores and Awards

Final team scores are calculated by a linear combination of focus, team, and power results, with their respective weights noted below.

  • Focus: 25%
  • Individual: 25%
  • Team: 20%
  • Power: 30%

Each exam's scores are divided by the average of the top 10 scores before overall team score calculations (for normalization purposes), and for individual exams (including the focus rounds), teams with fewer than six scores will have the missing scores counted as scores of 0 . The teams with the top 8 overall scores will receive recognition and prizes. The top 5 scorers on the individual round and the top 3 individuals from each focus round will also receive awards, with ARML-style tiebreakers used in the event of a tie. The top finishers at BMT will qualify for the USMCA national championship. See the USMCA website for more information.


Due to popular demand, the individual round has returned!

Focus Round

The focus round allows students to display their skills in particular mathematical topics. Each test contains 10 short answer questions to be solved in 60 minutes. The questions will not only test contestants' prior knowledge of the area but also will evaluate the student's ability to think abstractly and creatively. To receive a high score on the test, a student should expect to use methods taught in high school math courses. We will offer the following focus rounds:

  • Algebra: Equations and summations, functions and inverses, theory of roots and polynomials
  • Discrete : Discrete probability, counting and combinations, modular arithmetic, divisibility and primes, base arithmetic, linear Diophantine equations
  • Geometry: Areas and volumes, two and three dimensional euclidean geometry, geometric probability
Individual Round

The individual round will be a 80 minute, 20 question test that will test understanding in all three of the focus topics above.

Team Round

The team round consists of 15 questions with numeric answers to be solved in 40 minutes. Team members may work together on this round, and only one answer sheet will be collected.

Power Round

The power round is a 60-minute team test containing several multi-part questions focusing on a single topic. The questions emphasize logical rigor and ask for proof of all claims. Unless otherwise noted, full write-ups are required for each question.

Talks and Activities

We will run a variety of activities designed to engage students' minds in a productive fashion. Some events will aim to begin an open-ended dialogue on certain areas of abstract or applied mathematics, while others will focus on more inventive skills, like juggling or card counting. Talks and activities information will be released closer to the tournament date.