The Berkeley Math Tournament

Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 Situation, BMT 2020 has been postponed to Fall

BmMT 2019: November 17, 2019 | BMT 2020: To Be Rescheduled

BmMT 2019

Our Middle School Competition

November 17, 2019

BMT 2020

Our High School Competition

To Be Rescheduled

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About Us

The Berkeley Math Tournament is an organization that aims to spread mathematics and the spirit of mathematical competition throughout the Bay Area by presenting students with interesting, hand-crafted problems. We offer an environment where students, educators, and mathematicians can come together and celebrate the spirit of mathematics. For more information please see our about page.

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Want to practice before the tournament or challenge yourself to some math problems from previous BMT or BmMT contests? View the archive here . Tournament statistics and results are also posted on each page!