BMT Online 2022

Berkeley Math Tournament Online 2022

November 13, 2022 – November 20, 2022

Welcome to Berkeley Math Tournament 2022! BMT Online is a PWYW (pay what you wish), informal, online, asynchronous contest from November 13 – 20, 2022 with many parallels to our live tournament. BMT Online is the perfect opportunity for all students who wish to be introduced to competitive math in a low-stakes environment and for students who could not fly to Berkeley last weekend!

BMT is designed for high school students in grades 12 or below, however, this limit will not be enforced for BMT Online. In particular, there is no lower age limit to compete in BMT; middle schoolers and advanced elementary students are welcome to compete. Our middle school tournament will also be held in the spring. Coaches can register up to 6 students per team. There are no restrictions on how many teams/students a single coach can register. You do not have to be local to the Bay Area or California to register.

Online Information

Pay What You Wish

As part of our mission to be as accessible to as many students as possible, we intend to continue this free or low-cost global initiative each year. While BMT Online is free, there are many fees to keep initiatives like BMT running – please donate what you can! Any amount would be greatly appreciated.

If you are or know a corporate partner interested in sponsoring BMT, please contact us at 

UC Berkeley Waivers

All contestants are required to have their parent/guardian sign UC Berkeley’s consent waivers through this portal. Contestants will NOT be allowed to take the contest without having a signed liability and consent to treatment waiver. Any questions about managing the teams on the portal should be directed to us at

BMT Rounds

For our online tournament, students may take as many or as few tests as they wish, including tiebreakers.

However, in our live tournament, students may choose 2 Focus rounds to take (from Algebra, Geometry, Discrete, and Calculus) OR the General Round. The General Round is highly encouraged for students who are new to the math competition atmosphere with little to no contest experience. The Focus combinations require more specialized knowledge.

Power Round

90 mins

The Power Round is a proof-based team round. Contestants will answer a series of questions centered around a single topic not typically seen in competitive mathematics, culminating in incredible results in the field of that chosen topic. For all questions (unless stated otherwise), you will need to provide a rigorous mathematical justification for your assertions in full sentences. The topic for the Power Round will likely be at an undergraduate level, but no substantial previous mathematical background is expected.

General Round

90 mins

The general round is an individual round consisting of questions across the various subjects that comprise the focus rounds. This round is highly recommended for students with less prior contest experience.

Focus Rounds

60 mins

There are four focus rounds of 10 questions across four subjects — Algebra, Geometry, Discrete Math, and Calculus. Each student can participate in two rounds of focus exams.

Guts Round

75 mins

The guts round consists of 9 sets of 3 problems across various subjects in math. The key feature of this round is that each set must be turned in before the next set is given. All teams can see a live scoreboard with their standings


The tiebreakers will be held for the top-scoring students in each of the individual rounds. The test will consist of three questions for the focus rounds and five questions for the general round and be scored primarily on correctness and secondarily on submission time, That is, an earlier submission will be worth more than a later one with the same number of correct answers, but less than a later one with more correct answers.


PowerFocus x 2GeneralGuts
Important DetailsProof-BasedStudents may choose 2 Focus rounds to take (from Algebra, Geometry, Discrete, and Calculus) OR the General RoundOnce answers to a set are submitted, they cannot be edited
# of QuestionsTBA10 Each25 total27 total
Duration90 mins60 mins each90 mins75 mins
% of Score30%40%30%
Important Scoring NotesN/AAutogradedAutograded
Collaboration?YesNo, students will work individuallyYes


We will provide all tests, but only auto-grade Guts, General, and Focus.

Acceptable Answers

Students are responsible for familiarizing themselves with the acceptable test formatting document and common notation document for details on how their answers should be submitted. Answers not submitted in the listed formats will be graded as incorrect, even if equivalent.

Awards and Rankings

BMT Online will not have global rankings, awards, certificates, or contest swag like our live tournament. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are calculators or other reference material allowed?

Graph paper and calculators are prohibited, but protractors, rulers, and compasses are permitted. All answers must be exact, reduced, and simplified. Illegible answers will not be graded. Cheating in any form will not be tolerated, including use of internet resources, and failure to comply with all rules may result in immediate and irreversible disqualification.

Can elementary and middle school students compete? What if I don’t have a team?

Yes! Please use our Teammate Finder if you want to find a team.

Can I take one round at a time?

Yes! You can take the rounds in one sitting or separately. Once you begin a round, the timer will not stop.