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General Information

The Berkeley Math Tournament Group is an organization founded at the University of California-Berkeley. A student run-organization founded in the early 2010's, the Berkeley Math Tournament and Berkeley mini-Math Tournament gather students from the Bay Area and elsewhere to celebrate mathematics and the spirit of mathematical competiiton.


The Berkeley Math Tournament Group hosts and organizes mathematical contests for middle and high school students. In organizing these tournaments, the team strives to encourage mathematical exploration and understanding by introducing concepts not covered in the typical pre-college curricula to students with high mathematical aptitude and interest. Each contest emphasizes collaboration between team members, while still allowing individuals to prove their own ability. Any individual currently enrolled in a pre-college institute for youth is welcome to compete, and accommodations may be made for teams with demonstrated financial need.

The contests that the Berkeley Math Tournament Group offers are


The organization was founded in 2012 by Henry Matlby and other students at UC Berkeley and has persisted for seven years since its initiation. At the time only one-hundred students showed up to a relatively small math competiiton. Today however, we have around three hundred and fifty participatns for BmMT and five hundred for BMT including olympiad level mathletes.


Organizing a math tournament requires many talents, and our team has the fortune of including many people from diverse backgrounds. We are constantly growing, and if you would like to get involved, please contact us at berkeleymt@gmail.com.

Special Thanks

We are indebted to the faculty and staff of UC Berkeley's departments of Mathematics and EECS, and in particular, Professors Claire Tomlin, Lauren Williams, Arthur Ogus, and Kenneth Ribet. Additionally, thanks to Innovative Design for helping us come up with our new logo!

Our Team

Executive Team

James Li

Tournament Director

Ankit Agarwal

Technical Director

Anthony Chen

Outreach Coordinator

James Leng

Co-Head Problem Writing Coordinator

Justin Yokota

Co-Head Problem Writing Coordinator

Yu Ma

Head Proctor

Grace Weisbrod

Check-In Coordinator

Sophia Wang


Olivia Liang


Technical Team

Jonathan Lei

Technical Intern

Dorothy Xu

Technical Intern

Xiaoyan Kang

Technical Intern

Problem Writing Team

Ayush Kamat

Team Round Coordinator

Lloyd Liu

Speed Round Coordinator

Our Partners

The Berkeley Math Tournament Group could not have offered math contests without the sponsorship of our partners below. Please contact us at berkeleymt@gmail.com if you are interested in sponsoring BMT.

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