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Thanks For Coming To BMT 2019!

Our High School Competition

April 7, 2019

BmMT 2018

Our Middle School Compeition

October 18, 2018


April 27 2019: Thank you for coming to BMT! We hope you all enjoyed the competition. Pictures and Results will be posted soon!

April 2, 2019: Registration for BMT has now closed. We are really excited to see all the teams there. Please make sure you have uploaded your waivers to your waiver portal. Check in on Sunday will be at 8am in Wheeler Hall. Please see the the campus map here for more details.

March 27, 2019: Late registration for BMT closes this Saturday. Please make sure you have paid for your teams. You need to have paid in order to be considered registered. After late registration ends, you will still be able to make substitutions and change exams. We are really excited to see you there!!

March 22, 2019: Tomorrow is the last day for registration for BMT. Please make sure you have paid for your teams. You need to have paid in order to be considered registered. Additionally, if you notice any bugs or would like to see any changes in our website, please report them here .

Jan 25, 2019: Registration for BMT 2019 is now open. You can sign up for an account or login to an existing BMT account above. Note that since the website is new, everyone will have to create a new account. The tournament will take place on April 7, 2019 of this year! For more information, please visit our logistics page here .

Jan 25, 2019: Welcome to our new website! Our technical team has worked hard to redesign the website and the registration system at your convenience. For more information, please see our registration policy here.

Jan 4, 2019: Tests for BmMT 2018 have been uploaded. Check them out on our archive page, linked here.

Nov 29, 2018: We thank you for coming to BmMT 2018! We all hope you enjoyed it. Please check out our pictures on our flickr here.


About Us

The Berkeley Math Tournament is an organization that aims to spread mathematics and the spirit of mathematical competition throughout the Bay Area by presenting students with interesting, hand-crafted problems. We offer an environment where students, educators, and mathematicians can come together and celebrate the spirit of mathematics. For more information please see our about page.

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Want to practice before the tournament or challenge yourself to some math problems from previous BMT or BmMT contests? View the archive here . Tournament statistics and results are also posted on each page!